Be // Longing

An immersive theatre production by Take Back Theatre in partnership with The Migration Lab and Hope Mill Theatre

Be//Longing featured contributions and performances from:
Julie Hesmondhalgh, Rebekah Harrison, Grant Archer, Maximo Park, Yandass Ndlovu,
Ian Kershaw, Louise Wallwein, Matilda Glen, Gulwali Passarlay,
Nizar Dhan, Darren Kuppan, Nadia Emam, Shila Iqbal, Muhib Parwez, Dorothea Sterian, Matt Hassall, Sophie Mahon, Casey Longden, Danika Jurisic, Rethink Rebuild.

BE//LONGING is a thought-provoking, immersive, multi-media theatre production, developed by award-winning political theatre collective Take Back (Julie Hesmondhalgh, Becx Harrison and Grant Archer), in partnership with The University of Manchester and Hope Mill Theatre, using installations, music, art, video and scripted theatre to create an experience that boldly addresses perceptions of migration and exposes myths.

A creative partnership with the University’s new Migration Lab, the engaging production will shine a spotlight on the findings of the Lab’s research, telling real people’s stories of migration. Be//Longing is the flagship production in the Lab’s plan to use writing, theatre and live events to inform debate in local, national and global communities to support and communicate its work.


Manchester Theatre Awards: